I will start this blog by highlighting Tinder because this is an app that I thought had great potential. The idea is rather simple, it allows you to view people up to 100 miles of your current (or specified) location. You have an option to either swipe left for “Not Interested or NOPE” or swipe right for “Interested or LIKE” on member profiles and if both parties mutually like each other you receive a notification that you have a match. The interesting spin with Tinder is that it has taken away the ability for someone to be the initiator. Tinder acts as a buddy in between who taps your shoulder once the middle man knows that the other person also finds you interesting/attractive. While effective, I am not a fan of communication being limited this way in order to eliminate noise. Not only is it not how we communicate when first encountering someone, but the break in between just disrupts the flow which makes it a bit tougher to start a conversation naturally. The monetization on Tinder is an absolute joke, Tinder Plus allows you to have “unlimited likes” for $9.99 or $19.99 depending on your age. For the subscription plan you also have the option to change your location, which IMO is still not enough unless you are a frequent traveler.

Tinder does solve a problem some women have on dating apps by allowing them to only receive messages with matches, but taking away the ability for someone to initiate conversation is fundamentally breaking the way we have communicated since the beginning of time. Surely there has to be a better solution to this. The monetization strategy also should be looked into as not only does it feel wrong to charge people based on age brackets, but it just simply doesn’t offer the members enough incentive to keep subscribing. I will never be okay with charging people to communicate and it’s something you will never see in untitled.


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This week I focus on Matt Harding’s “Where the Hell is Matt? 2008” video. This video has been extremely important in helping me put things in perspective. We tend to focus on hard numbers, nationality, religion, class, and backgrounds when it comes to communicating with others and that’s something that I think people spend too much energy on. What Matt did in this video was demonstrate how regardless of language, nationality, age, or any other difference or preference that we are not that different from each other regardless of your location in the world. Take a look below, it is my favorite video I have ever watched on YouTube.