Most UI is terrible on these mobile apps. They are filled with noise and trying to cram in so much information on screens that range in size between 3″ and 6″. A clean layout is the way I wanted to approach this project from the very beginning, think about every single detail and whether it makes sense to be included on that particular view controller. What can be combined? What is implied by the public regardless of ethnicity or location? Take a look at one of the early images I had drawn up before re-working it going forward. It served as a reminder of what to keep in mind when figuring things out and help lay the foundation of this project.


So what do we have here? A red strip, a blue strip, a triangle, an exclamation point and an imperfect circle.

  1. Red usually implies that there is an action that requires attention, active, or caution.
  2. Blue usually implies a more relaxed option, maybe a setting that can be toggled, a switch that activates an alternate.
  3. An exclamation point is self explanatory, it signals excitement, fear, or another strong emotion.
  4. A triangle is often looked at as a point of strength, a pull down or pull up button, or a sliding action if position differently.
  5. The circle is what makes it all go round, it is imperfect for a reason. Not everything always go according to plan in life, in app development or anything else you might be aspiring to do

You won’t see a hamburger button. It is useful for some applications, but not this one that focuses on people. A hamburger button is that infamous button that houses dozens of options to toggle that are usually hidden in a side panel of the app you are currently on.


I’m happy to reveal that I have set a release window for late 2016! It has been a long process of drawing up, scrapping, drawing up again, coding, scrapping, drawing up once more and finally happy with a base going forward. This is so far just a one man project and has taken a lot of research to get to this point. Today I just shared what I had rolling in my mind a few months back when finally narrowing down the focus, I will be sharing more bits of information soon. I have a name for the project in mind, but still not 100% committed to it just yet. Again, if you would like to see an app in action based on just a small part of my thoughts check out fever on the Apple appstore.


Potential is always a word that is tossed around by people if they see someone or something amounting to something greater than its current state. I have had this word thrown around at me since I was younger so much so that the “potential” I had became this incredible weight on my shoulders to deliver something big. Instead of acting out on things that popped into my head, it became this constant battle of self doubt and wondering why haven’t I come up with the breakthrough idea just yet. I wanted to highlight potential this week because I think we often don’t realize how such thoughts repeated towards an individual can have an adverse effect as it did with me growing up. Nothing else on the motivational front this update, I will leave you with the Polyphonic Spree track titled Section 9 (Light and Day)