My name is Julius and I am developing a communication app

So I’ve had this vision for an app that helps people connect in a more intimate way than we currently do now with our smart phones. This has been stuck in my head for a long time and have downloaded dozens of apps on my Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and even bought a BlackBerry to see if there was something out there that had a similar vision. None have accomplished what I have in mind, in fact I shared a small part of my plan with my friends over at TENDIGI and they developed an iOS app called Fever¬†which was influenced by my thoughts shared with them in Brooklyn.

Before I dive into what this blog is about I will give some background information on me. I was born and raised in New York City, I play XBOX, I watch sports, my dog’s name is Bella and I work a part-time job. I studied communications in college and I am just a regular guy trying to help people communicate better. I am still learning swift in my down-time and I am about to take a course to help better understand this new programming language. My previous experience with apps? I was involved in an android project called WallDroid, which was only half baked and then scrapped. I also ran the VGRequirements project on the web and iOS app that was released many years ago.

So why start this blog? I will be sharing my thoughts on a different social network and why I think they are not doing a great job at building new connections or strengthening old ones. I will also be sharing some of my thoughts on the way people communicate and share some material of what I have learned in the thousands of hours of research that has been put into this project thus far. Progress updates will be scattered and I don’t want to give a timetable for launch. The app will be released when it’s done and I am comfortable releasing it. Please don’t categorize it as a social network, because it’s different from what we generally think about when talking about social networking applications or websites. Please don’t categorize it as a dating app, because it’s much more than that. More details coming soon, I promise.

The title of my project is not set yet

Oh, and I am available to hire for those intrigued with the nuggets of information so far. Drop me a line at julius [at] juliuskodes.com to set something up.