When is unpredictability accepted? Many single people are embracing unpredictability subconsciously. Why do people tend to agree to go to bars, clubs, parties, and other social events? Meeting with friends is a popular response, but unpredictability is another large part of the puzzle. The unknown of who you might cross is a big part of what drives most of us to look our best in person and give off the best first impression to those around us. None of this should be surprising to those reading this blog, but what about in apps? Today I will finally be giving you a glimpse of the questions that I decided to tackle myself and try to understand what is it that makes all these dating apps somewhat effective, but definitely boring after a while. Is a dating app really the answer? Is a communication app a better fit?

Unpredictability is generally frowned upon in an application. We all expect predictable performance, predictable outcomes to tasks that are executed, but does it get boring? I think it does, especially when dealing with a dating or a communication app. For instance, take an attractive female who logs into a dating application or website, there is a good chance that she will receive a large number of messages courting her. That can get kind of boring and exhausting after a while as you continue to work through a seemingly endless list of texts from people trying to get to know you a little bit better. What about the other side? The chances that your message is lost is incredibly high with the way things work now, your message can be lost in the shuffle and if you continue to send messages it can send off a bad vibe. How do we fix this problem? How can ALL initiators get a fair shot at getting their message across without annoying the receiver? I will now post images highlighting how I think most of these “apps” are focusing entirely on the wrong things.

Does exact age matter? Are rules allowed to be broken even in the background? A 25-30 scale can potentially block out 2 matches by a few months or even a few days. Why block out their voice? The love of your life might just be a few days or a few months outside of your “target”. More about age gap next year.

Does the name matter? Does the profile description matter? (I think it does) Is it really what you are worried about when first laying eyes on her? Everyone has a different answer to these questions, but the challenge is to satisfy all those needs without being annoying.

Messages in a stack do not work effectively, especially with a focus on dating. Your message can get lost in a matter of hours with the chances of your message getting to the receiver increasingly decreasing as you keep getting pushed to the back of the stack. Good luck being #182

Removing the ability for the initiator to go forward is not natural and not an acceptable fix to the noise problem. This breaks a fundamental communication rule. In addition it still doesn’t allow for a free flowing conversation as there is now a break in between when the app tells you it is ok for one to initiate conversation…after BOTH have initiated interest.

If location is important, how do we handle location? Should hard limits apply?

What is usually the end goal when downloading such an app? We all have one thing in common, we want to connect. This is true in facetime, phone, and face to face communication. A laugh, a smile, a gesture are all extremely important. The app needs to give the ability for others to be more intimate, the ability to text is simply not enough. Sending a video needs to be easy.

“Free” is the only way to go and I don’t think ads are acceptable. The members on the app should not have to pay to talk to someone, that is ridiculous. More on this at launch.

UI cannot be heavy, new notifications cannot get in the way of a potential magical moment.

Unpredictability must be embraced.


In this blog post I highlighted all the questions I had put forward and try to tackle. My motivation this week comes from the ending of the movie “Traffic”. The kids playing in the baseball field in this movie signifies hope to me, hope for a better future ahead and away from all the distractions in the present. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.