So about a year ago I got back home from New York and started researching on how people are communicating online today. What I found is just a confirmation of what is true in person – people want to connect. That is a pretty broad term, but it’s what we do. Some are online to keep up with family members remotely, network, find love, seek help, learn new material, talk about current events, video gaming, find a funny meme and even trolling should be considered a viable form of communicating online. I originally had things mapped out according to source and type of feedback, but it all narrowed into the same fundamental idea across all sources and platforms.

This project has proven to be more challenging than I initially thought in terms of laying things out. I’ve thought about age gaps, things in common, living situations, past experiences, distance and other small factors that people take into consideration when engaging in a new conversation with someone. I started this project as a dating app because I think all dating apps are only doing things partially well. As I kept searching I had to expand the focus to invite all while also narrowing things down at the very core of the application itself. Apart from UI and basic functions what needs to be at the core? What are universally accepted signals/gestures that extend beyond our cultural differences? Exactly how important are numbers? What is universally agreeable when communicating regardless of language barriers? What about security and privacy? How many options are TOO many options? What will make almost everyone smile? In addition to the human element I also had to consider the functionality across all fairly recent smartphones out there. The $10 Tracfone you can buy at your local dollar store and the latest flagship iPhone released should have a great experience when using the app. It just takes one magical moment to change your life forever and I am committed to make sure that the experience is a great one regardless of device or platform.

I finally figured out this formula and from now on there will only be big updates to this blog. Tightening the small screws that still seem a little off, focusing directly at the things that appear to even have a little wiggle room in terms of not being necessary. Research is complete, the fun part begins now.


My motivation this week comes from the Konami video highlighting Hideo Kojima’s farewell to the Metal Gear franchise. There is a lot going on in this 10 minute video, but the ending is what struck a chord with me. Please watch the video before reading more below.

The ending of this video highlights what is possible today if you do great work. It can be video games, music, movies, apps, customer service, nursing, picking an item to ship to a customer or even working at the drive-thru at a McDonald’s. If you love what you do and do it well it can have an impact on others that can far exceed your imagination. Your work is your contribution to the world, find what you love to maximize the potential impact you can possibly have on others.